Monday, April 24, 2006

What’s For Pud?...Summer!!

What a wonderful day we’ve had yesterday! We’ve gone straight from winter into summer up here in Scotland so the only fitting English dessert to make for What’s For Pud was Summer pudding. This was my first attempt at any kind of bread pudding as I have a great dislike of soggy and I was pleasantly surprised. It was very easy to assemble just boiling the fruit, sugar and water, lining the mould with bread and putting the fruit mixture in there, then leaving it in the fridge over night. The taste was really good, the juices sweetened the bread and even though the bread was slightly wet, it wasn’t soggy and the fruit inside was still intact. We had our first barbeque of the year and had the pudding for dessert. Thanks to Becks&Posh and Jamfaced for organizing this, it made me discover a great dessert and I’ll definitely make this more often, specially once it gets to picking season and you can pick your own berries at the farms around.



anna said...

Hi Eva,

This is my husband's all time favourite pudding. We were discussing it over the weekend, as apparently last time I made him one I made it all wrong. Obviously the only response to such a comment is, "make it yourself next time"; or alternatively I could make such a superb example of a summer pudding that he has to eat humble pie (as well as the pudding. Yours looks good. The key is to get the juice of the fruit to soak the bread fully (something I failed to achieve).

Eva said...

Hi Anna,
I also failed in that respect, but the recipe I used said to keep some juices behind and as I followed their instructions, I could then "paint-in" the missing patches. Then it sat around in the left over juices for a while as well so that the bottom (which had the unsoaked patches) soaked even more....I think making this way in advance is the key. Hope this helps making him eat humble pudding, or to cook you one :-)