Thursday, April 06, 2006

EBBP4- Delices from O delices

With a bit of a delay both my parcel and post on EBBP4 has arrived! This was the first time Iíd taken part and I really liked the idea so I signed up with Andrew (Thank you so much for organising this!). I had a great time putting my parcel together for Anna and she wrote some lovely posts about it.

Then last Thursday I received my parcel from Marie-Laure at O delices. Odelices is not an actual blog but a website updated every week with a recipe. There are some really stunning pictures and food on it and it will be a good incentive to practice my French by cooking some of the food on there. I was also very taken by the gatherings they have where lots of people join, bring food and get to know each other/catch up. It seems to fit very well with the EBBP where I feel like Iíve already gotten to know two people by making and receiving parcels. But I think it would be nice meeting fellow bloggers in real life so if people in the area (Dundee/Scotland) are up for it I would be very happy to organize something?!

Anyway, so back to my French parcel: I was very chuffed with my goodies as Marie-Laure had made me two homebakes. First out of the box were some lovely mini orange and strawberry muffins, which were really nice, not too sweet and very moist. Closely behind were golden star shaped lemon and poppy seed biscuits. The stars were very pretty, firm and fresh with the nutty flavour of the poppy seeds breaking thought the sharpness of the lemons. And hooray, she included the recipe for these with some corn flour (very different from the corn flour we see here, I wonder if itís more like polenta??) and poppy seeds so I can make my own. There was another recipe for lemon snaps, which looks very tasty as well. Last but certainly not least was a bag of dried strawberries that just taste like summer and brought back lots of good memories.

The last time I ate these was when I was in Cambodia in February 2005, where I was travelling with two friends. Sharon and I were making a no-bake birthday cake for Lisa, which we topped with dried strawberries. By coincidence, Sharon, who I hadnít seen for a year was visiting as my EBBP parcel arrived, so we had fun reminiscing and cooking again.

I decided to take the pictures outside as it was such a beautiful sunny day, everything is so lush and green (I guess from all the rain!) and the bulbs in our garden have started to bloom. In some cases though, the food looked a bit funny next to the soil so guess weíll have to grow some more greens...peas and radishes are already planted!!


Marie-Laure said...

Sorry for the delay of the postman.
I am happy you liked the parcel !

Andrew said...

what a great collection! Glad you had so much fun.

Diane said...

Hey Eva - your parcel sounded good - all the way from France! I also loved the idea of you sending the ingredients for a Dundee cake!!

See you soon