Tuesday, April 11, 2006

All of the orange…..

...went into the cake. After weeks of eating citrus fruit we’ve finally managed to make it through the box of oranges we received. They tasted great and I really enjoyed the variety we got. Big oranges, small oranges, tangy oranges, sweet oranges and more. We ate them just as is, drizzled with honey and olive oil, had pears soaked in lemon juice, lemon sorbet and made limoncello, which is currently maturing.

But one of my favourite recipes was this Mediterranean orange cake, which comes originally from Delia Smith and was given to me by my mum who is a great source of tasty recipes. With this one, I really like the fact that it uses all the orange including the rind and this gives it a lovely bitter taste. As you put the whole orange in, it was great having organic ones and you don’t need to worry about nasties, wax and more. The dough is lovely and moist and as you use semolina flour it has a lovely grainy texture once finished. The cake is also soaked in a honey syrup, which makes it very moist and the icing of pistachios and Greek yogurt gives it a beautiful finish. Even though the list of ingredients is quite long, it is really easy to prepare but tastes great with the different flavours and textures really complimenting each other. Great for a dinner party, tea or just if you fancy some cake!

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