Sunday, September 10, 2006

Favourite kitchen gadget

Darn it....I'm late! I've spent the whole weekend at a weaving workshop (I can recommend it!!!) so now my post is late....hopefully it'll still be ok.Pamela was hosting the favourite kitchen gadget event. As I’ve been packing to move I’ve seem all my kitchen paraphernalia coming past in the last few days and decided that I don’t have one, but three favourites and all for different reasons.

The first one is my most practical favourite, my tried and trusted multipurpose mixer. I love the versatility of it! Whether you are making a cake, dip, curry, soup or something else with only a few attachments you can make it all. And there is no need for lots of bulky kitchen appliances. This mixer was a present from my mum the first year I went to university. For the last 9 years it’s been happily blending, mixing, grinding and kneading away and I hope it will continue to do so for a long time.

The second one is my cutest favourite. This lovely little princess grater was given to me by a friend of mine back home when I moved to the UK. We had shared many lovely meals during our studies and seeing it reminds me of that. Plus someone is always smiling at you when you walk into the kitchen which I the best way to start the day ☺.

Finally, my odd favourite….another present….Barry gave me this for our first Sinterklaas together, so for a start it reminds me of the effort he made trying to mimic Dutch custom and the thoughtful present he got me. For those of you who are wondering, it’s an egg clacker, meant to open your eggs with in a neat way. You lift the ball to the end of the stick, let go and it should leave you with a perfect cut to remove the lid of your egg…perfect for soldiers. Living in Scotland, I then to fry my eggs here but it reminds me of the game my brother and I used to play when we were younger where you would make as small a hole as possible in your egg. Then you would eat it very neatly, turn the shell upside down and give it to my dad. Without fail, he would always pretend as if he was really surprised it wasn’t a “real” egg. In addition, I love how geeky it is (I am a science nerd after all) and wish I would use it more. I’ve recently seen some very cool pictures of little custards made in eggs so perhaps, it’ll a get a few more uses in the future?!


Anonymous said...

where can i get that egg clacker?? looking everywhere for it!

Eva said...

I got mine about 4 years ago so can't remember where exactly but found this site on the web
good luck!