Thursday, March 23, 2006

Squashed Tomme

I decided to use up some of the cheese I brought back from my recent trip to France. One of them was a small Tomme, a local cheese there which is creamy and has a subtle smelly cheese flavour (don't know the best way to describe it., but its not as overpowering as a morbier or reblochon). I decided to combine the cheese with a squash I still had in the fridge. A friend recently served us roasted slices of squash which were delish and I wanted to try and make them. So I cut the squash in pieces, brushed with olive oil, seasoned and roasted them in the oven for 45 min at 220C. The inside tasted lovely but on the outside they had gone all dry, whereas the other's I'd had before were all lovely and moist (tips would be greatly appreciated). I kept a few slices whole and put the rest into a plain risotto (onion, garlic and vegetable stock) with some sage, then cut the cheese in half and served it with a pumpkin slice on top. It looked beautifull and I really liked the soft creamy flavor of the cheese with the squash. It was a lovely warming dinner on a cold snowy day, but I will have to perfect my roasting techique!

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