Saturday, December 01, 2007

In a pickle...

...that's what happened to these baby onions, herbs and spices using this recipe. I've made this recipe for the last several years and they are great! so much better than the store bought ones. They make a lovely present or are great to keep and eat with fondue, raclette or meat. I normally make half the liquid suggested in the recipe or use twice as much onions...whatever you fancy. This is my entry for A Spoonful of Christmas hosted by Zlamushka I know it's a bit short but am in the Netherlands up to my ears in Sinterklaas poems and surprises.


zlamushka said...

Hi Eva,

this is a lovely entry. I myself just posted onion pickle recipe. Very yummy, very popular. Nice pics. Will use the one on the right, if you do not mind.
Thank you for participating A Spoonful of Christmas.

Di said...

Hi Eva
I think I might try to make these! Oh, and the meat free mincemeat!

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas with your family!!