Friday, June 22, 2007


Yeah, my EBBP package finally arrived!! I came home on Tuesday and waiting on the table was this box full of lovely food. Tommy assembled a great variety of British sweets which was a lovely reminder of the UK for us. Barry pretty much devoured the liquorice all sorts and pink wafers and I'm enjoying a lime boiled sweet with a chocolate centre every day after lunch. The crisps also didn't last long as they were a great variation from the usual natural or paprika you get here (I never thought I'd miss the weird and wacky UK flavours). Tomorrow we'll have a BBQ so we can try out the fancy ketchup which looks very good. Another great edition of EBBP hosted by Johanna. I look forward to the next one :-)


CanadianSwiss said...

Asparagus crisps?? Very unusual, but still, it sounds like something I'd like.

Eva said...

They didn't really taste very much like asparagus as the black pepper was fairly overpowering. But they were very yummy anyway and didn't last very long :-)

shrestha said...

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