Friday, May 25, 2007

Goodmorning yellow!

When we moved into our apartment in Basel, one of my (very) slight dissapointments was the size of the balcony. After having a garden in our last flat in Dundee where I enjoyed growing some vegetables I'd been looking forward to growing some more here. But we decided that is was still very possible so installed some herb pots (sage, rosemary,thyme, parsley, chives, basil, mint, thai basil and shiso) and planted some seeds. We picked tomatoes, as I love making green tomato chutney and don't know if you can buy them here, and courgettes as I'd read somewhere they were very easy to grow in pot. They've been so much fun! Aspecially the courgettes just grow before your eyes. A few weeks ago they were moved to the balcony into big pots and have been growing ever since. So as we pulled up the shutters this morning there was a vibrant splash of yellow on our balcony as the first courgette flowers have opened up....what a site to wake up to!! They were like little suns sitting within the plants and I think they are enjoying the 25-30°C were having at the moment.....let's hope the weather holds so we can enjoy the new crop soon.

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Di said...

Courgettes grow like crazy! Can't wait to see the host of recipes that you use them in!! Weather here in Dundee 15 degrees and gray - enjoy Basel!!