Thursday, March 08, 2007

View of the Eiger

With all the Fasnacht, I haven't done so much (exciting) with a visit from my brother and his girlfriend last weekend we went away to the Alps. We'd planned this a long time ago and I'd been hoping that the weather would pick up or cool down!! After the initial dump of snow in January, the Swiss winter has been very disappointing. The warmest one for the last (don't know how many) years. Not exactly what I expected from moving to Switzerland but we've made the best of it so far with 2 great trips.

And this weekend we had another great time skiing. We leisurely drove to Grindelwald last Saturday and even though the village looked depressingly green, we had two nice days. Sunday was beautiful and sunny and we had a great view of the Eiger and Jungfrau all day. Then on Monday, it was more cloudy and started snowing just before lunchtime.....but this cleared up again and conditions were great with a nice layer of fresh snow. We'll definitely be going back there...hopefully in winter to try the 15 km (!!) sledging run and otherwise in summer as it's only 3 hours by train! Tomorrow, we're off to Geneva for the weekend to meet up with my family (parents are coming from Holland and brother and girlfriend on their way back from skiing) for some serious (?!) physics at CERN (thanks to some old collegues of my dad) and lots of catching up. Next week I'm on a course in Zurich for work so things might be a bit quite for a while until I'm back.

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